Private Golf Instruction

Whether you are looking for an individual lesson with video analysis, a short game lesson covering all areas around the green or a playing lesson, I can customize the lesson to whatever your game needs.

Individual Coaching Sessions

This can cover any area of the game: full swing, short game, putting, mental approach or on course management. We can discuss your game to see where you are losing your strokes and spend time in the area that will make the biggest impact on your game. Hour lessons, half hour and multiple hour lessons are available.


Series Of Lessons

Series of 5 One-Hour Lessons

This can cover all areas of the game from full swing, short game techniques and on-course instruction. Use the hours as you see fit. Practice between sessions and really see your game make dramatic improvements.




Small Group Instruction

Team up with your friend, spouse or playing partner for some small group instruction tailored for your needs.


Series of 4 One-Hour Lessons

This series will be (2) One Hour sessions focusing on your full swing and (2) One Hour sessions on the short game.





Series of 5 Half-Hour Lessons

If you feel an hour can be too much or want to spread out your instruction this could be for you. Series can be for full swing or short game.



For lesson appointments contact Dede at (914) 924-2126 or


This personalized coaching program will help you become the best golfer you can be. It's all about fewer strokes and better scores!  

Ongoing "coaching" includes:

Game Assessment
Goal Setting
One-Hour Instruction per week (Full Swing & Short Game)
(2) 9-Hole On-Course Playing Lessons  

Monthly Signup: 
(8 Hours of Instruction per month)


All sessions include the usage of high-speed camera featuring JC Video with computer software images of the world’s leading male and  female players. This technology allows us to use these swing models in a side-by-side comparison with you. Our computer images provide a frame-by-frame advance that permits us to view each segment of your swing. 


Video analysis is an essential part of analyzing a student's golf game. We are equipped with high-speed cameras and the best video analysis software in the industry.

JC Video is used by PGA Tour Professionals and top teaching Academies around the globe. The software boasts cutting edge video analysis features, more pro swings and faster playback.
With a shutter speed of up to 2,000 and a capture rate of more than 60 frames per second, these top-of-the-line cameras enable teaching professionals to break down student swings with extremely high quality videos and incredibly clear pictures. Video analysis is included in every lesson offered at the Academy at no additional cost. These videos are then uploaded to the internet so that students can access all of their lessons digitally.

FlightScope is a 3D Doppler tracking radar for Golf and other sports. It accurately measures the launch and flight of balls and clubs and provides quantitative data about player and equipment performance. FlightScope creates a low level electromagnetic field through which the golf ball and the golf club move. The movement creates a disturbance that is detected and processed to extract position and speed data. The measured launch and flight data is sent to a PC program where it is displayed in various views, and stored. Measurements include: ball and clubhead speeds, launch angles, spin, carry distance, smash factor, and more.

FlightScope is fundamentally different from most other launch monitors because it measures ball speed, position and direction continuously along the ball’s flight path using FlightScope measures what the ball is actually doing. 

The Wireless BodiTrak pressure mat captures a golfer's balance pattern, irrespective of location or lie. You can use the pressure mat pretty much for any golf situation, whether you are indoors or outdoors, uphill or downhill, on the putting green or in a sand trap.